Visited State?

Sep 21, 2017

Hi there,

Is it possible to make a button / button image adopt the "Visited" state based upon a person's completion of a specific scene within the project?

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Walt Hamilton

Not really, but you can make it look like it did.

You can write a trigger to change the state of a button, but a trigger is active only on the slide where the it is. You can't put a trigger on slide 6 to change a button on slide 2.

You will be much happier if you don't write triggers that can potentially conflict with the built-in triggers, and all the built-in states (including Visited) have built-in triggers.

That being said, at the point of completion of the specific scene, you can set a variable to indicate completion. (Depending on your definition of "complete", you caould set the variable at the beginning of the scene)

Then on returning to the slide with the button, you can write a trigger to check the variable, and if it indicates completion, you can change to button's state to your own custom made state, which can look like the visited state, or anything else you have the ability to create.

Colin Daly

I have a trigger that states that the Module 1 icon should change to the Completed state when the variable Section1Complete equals true. (That variable can be found on the Next buttons in Scene 2.)

Here is the click path I was anticipating:

Click on the Module 1 icon.

Land on the Processes Title Page. Click on the Menu.

Click on "Policy Framework."

Click through both Policy Slides.

Return to the Processes Title Page. Click on the Menu to see the check mark next to "Policy Framework."

Click on "Policy Framework" again and hit the Home button on the first Policy slide.

You are returned the very first page but the Module 1 icon does not display the Completed state.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Walt Hamilton

"When" tells the trigger what action causes it to begin to execute.

"On condition" tells it if the conditions are right for it to finish executing once it starts.

One of the big uses of variables is that they can carry information back from distant slides. So a trigger can check the condition (value) of the variable.

Previously, it was executing and changing the state of the picture ONLY when the variable changed. It wasn't close enough to the variable to hear it change, so it never "fired".

Now it is executing and changing the state when the slide timeline starts, and it is close enough to the slide to hear it start.

"When variable changes" checks for the exact moment it changes, no matter what its value.

"On condition" checks for the exact value it contains, no matter when it changed to that value.

Colin Daly

Hi Walt,

I think I'm close to getting the flow of my course established.

However, I'm now having a problem with marking a section on my base menu (located on the slide master) as "Completed." On Slide 1.3 when the user clicks on Next then the variable Section1Complete becomes True.

When I click the menu back on 1.1 "The Policy Framework" should be in it's completed state (with a check box) since I've added the trigger in the accompanying screenshot. But it's not taking.

I feel like I've checked everything twice and still can't figure out what's up. Thanks so much in advance.



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