Visited State and Next Button


New to the Storyline software, so forgive me if these has already been asked and answered.

I've created a branched scenario in which learners are to click on 1 of 2 characters and explore more about them.  They then return to the main slide and need to click the other character to view that scenario.

I have the next button proceed on the condition that both characters are in their selected state.  It's working fine, but have a question...

Is there a way for users to be informed that they need to visit both scenarios before they proceed, if  they click the next button?  I would assume most users would understand that they need to complete both scenarios, but would like to notify them with a pop up that they need to complete both scenarios.

Any guidance is appreciated.

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Mike Enders


There sure is.  You'll simply need to do a little trigger work with the next button.    

Basically, you'll create a "hey! you gotta visit all areas" layer.

Then, you'll tell the next button to evaluate the state of your characters.  If both are in the visited state, then

jump to the next slide.  If either one of them is not in the visited state, then show the "Hey!" layer.

See the attached file.

Hope this helps!