Visited state double check mark

I have image that have a visited state which contains a check mark. There are 9 of these images on the slide. If I click on the image the 1st time everything is good. If I click on the image a 2nd time (after clicking another image in between) my image now has 2 check marks but the visited state only has one. How do I get the 2nd check mark not to appear?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Two things:

If an object has a visited state, you don't need a trigger to change it to visited. If you want to create an indication that it was visited and want to use a trigger, I'd create a custom state so you don't confuse what Storyline does automatically.

Did you have a trigger on the image prior to insert it into the visited state? It looks like the image in the state was moved and scaled. And if you go into the visited state and look at the triggers panel it looks like there's a residual trigger there. My guess is that is causing some confusion under the hood because objects in states can't have triggers.


Diane Fallier

I don't have a trigger on the image to change it to the visited state, only to show a layer. The trigger for visited state is for the scenario when someone clicks on the box instead of the image to get to the layer. In that case I still need the image to go to the visited state.

I believe the trigger to show the layer was created prior to adding the visited state. Why does this matter? I see the residual trigger. How do I get rid of it?  Does this exist because I created the trigger before creating the state?