Visited State Help

Hi All, 

In this example (which is very much in the initial stages so please ignore the lack of content) when the user hovers over an area of the body the title appears. Once the hotspot is clicked the user is taken to the slide associated with the area. My issue is I'd like to have the title remain in it's place on the main slide with a tick to confirm that area has been visited. I have messed around with the 'head' section so you'll see some state changes/triggers associated with this. .story file is attached for you. Any support would be greatly appreciated. 


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Wendy Farmer

Hey Emma

take a look at your updated file. I have only worked on Head.  

I moved the tag from the layer to the base layer and gave it an initial state of Hidden.

I added triggers to change it's state to normal when user hovers over the head of the baby.

I created a variable called 'head' default to false and triggered that to true when the user clicks the home icon on the Head slide.

I duplicated the visited state and made a custom one called 'completed'. 

Changed your revisit slide properties on the main slide to 'resume saved state'

Added a trigger to the main slide to change the state of 'head' tag to completed when timeline starts on condition that variable Head = true.

Hope this helps - shout out with any questions.