Visited State in variable is not working when revisiting the layer

Hi guys,

I think I encountered a bug while developing an accordion slide for one of my projects. Here's how it goes.


Visited State in variable is not completely working when revisiting the layers of the accordion slide when either previewed or published.


Storyline version Update 3 1305

Win 7


  • Basically, each accordion bar has 3 states: Normal, Hover, and Visited
  • I created a Number variable for each bar (default value 0); (varSlide23Bar2, varSlide23Bar3, etc...)
  • Each bar has a trigger that will add the value of 1 when the bar is clicked. (ex: add 1 in varSlide23Bar2 when bar1 is clicked )This is applied to all the bars in their respective layers.
  • Each bar is triggered to "change its state" from "Normal to Visited" when the "timeline starts". This will happen if the condition (varSlide23Bar2 is greater than or equal to 1) is met.

Steps to replicate the issue:

  1. download the attached file
  2. Preview the slide
  3. click each bar in linear fashion.
  4. when you're at the last bar, How is your business affected by money laundering?, click on the introduction again. At this point, check if all the bars are in visited state. In my end, the last 2 bars are in normal state.
  5. Now, try to click the bars in any order and check if all the bars are staying in the "visited" state at the beginning of the timeline. Try this while previewing and after you test publish this slide.
  6. I have added an event listener at the top to count the value of the variables. (%varSlide23Bar2% %varSlide23Bar3% %varSlide23Bar4% %varSlide23Bar5%)

Expected Result:

The bars' state will start as visited if the variable's value is >= 1 when the timeline starts.

Actual Result:

Some of the bars' state returns to normal even if the variables' value is >= 1. They should only stay on normal if the value of the variables is 0.


Please let me know if this is a known issue, or if there's a workaround. Or if there's a better way to do this, I hope you can share it to me. Thanks! 

Kind regards,


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