Visited State not functioning the way I'd like it to

Dec 17, 2015

I have a course map. A marker with a hotspot takes the user to a scene. At the end of the scene, the user goes back to the course map. I have 2 states on that marker, Normal and Visited. The Visited state has a checkmark to let the learner know that she has completed that module.

Variable: completed1   True/False     False

Change the state of Marker1 to Visited when the timeline starts on Marker 1 if completed1 is equal to true.

If  the hotspot is not on the Marker, Visited appears ONLY if I click on the Marker. If the hotspot is on the Marker, no visited state appears, whether clicked or not. Also, I have to click on the Marker to get the Visited state. It does not appear automatically.

I've been going crazy with this. Please HELP!





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Walt Hamilton

Giving a state one of the built-in names (like "visited") causes it to inherit the built-in functions. To do the custom activity you are describing, you need to name your visited state something else, like MyVisited, or CustomVisited, or Completed (my personal favorite).

Once you have done that, you may still have problems, but at least you can troubleshoot knowing that all of the strange activities are a result of what you are doing, not what SL is doing.

Walt Hamilton
Pegeen Weissman

when the timeline starts on Marker 1


Try changing this trigger to "when the timeline starts on Menu Slide"

Also you can put a text box on the menu slide with this for its contents: "%completed1%".

That will show the value of the variable, so you will know if it is getting changed.

Pegeen Weissman

Here might be the problem. I put in the text box to show the value of the variable, and it shows "false"

completed1    True/False    False

Change the State of Marker1 when the Timeline Starts on 1.5 course map (my menu slide) if completed1 is equal to True

What am I doing wrong that the variable is not changing to True.

By the way, Walt, I really appreciate your helping me.