Visited state not showing unless moused over

Jun 28, 2012

I'm having an issue with buttons and visited states. My aim is to have the button appear grayed out after it has been clicked and the designated slide layer has been visited. I changed the appearence of the button to gray for the visited state (see image below) but when I publish the file, the button does not change to gray unless the user mouses over the button after returning to the base layer (where the button is located). Is this a possible bug?

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Greg Damron

Hi Leigh, It seems the button should work as you've intended and something is effecting it from operating properly (or maybe a bug).

It looks like this may be a custom button, perhaps using format painter to copy states from a default button as Gerry suggests here   may fix getting the states sorted out..

Since you are having an issue with visited and hover states, this thread may also be helpful

If its still an issue, it may also help to post a file with your button in it, I'm sure someone on the board can help get it working the way you would like. Hope this is of help!

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