Visited state not working on agenda slide when revisited

In my course, I am trying to get each section/button within the agenda to show "Completed/Visited" as learners go through the training. At the end of each section, learners jump back to the Agenda slide for them to click the button for the next section to continue. I have tried the visited state, creating a new Completed state, setting the slide properties to resume saved state, etc. and it's still not working. This is something that we use quite a bit on our team and we cannot seem to get it to work properly. 


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Erin,

I answered a similar question earlier this morning. See this thread for how to control this type of agenda/menu slide:

My guess is that your problem is related to the Resume Saved State property. If you have triggers that execute when the timeline starts, those triggers won't re-execute when a person revisits the slide that's resuming its saved state. The link above provides more info about how to deal with this.