Visited state not working, Storyline 1

Hi - Storyline 1. I have a button with normal, hover, and visited states. The button is part of a layer with three other buttons (don't think that matters, but am mentioning in case). 

The selected state does not work. I click the button, go to the linked slide, then when I return to the slide with the button is shows in its normal state. 

I have tried slide properties of, when revisiting decide automatically as well as resume saved state. 

Ideas? Thank you!

  • Amy


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Kyle Doiron

I am having the same issue. I have 6 menu items with Visited states. I have the next button set to "disabled" until the 6 menu items are visited. I have my slide set to "resume saved state" If I preview the slide by itself the next button becomes normal as planned but if I preview the entire project it does not work. 

Any ideas?