Visited State Showing Too Early

I have a menu for my course that is supposed to show a check mark once a scene is completed. The variable on the last slide of the scene is to change it to Scene#Complete when the user clicks the Next button (which also takes them back to the menu screen as they have finished that scene). I then have the trigger on the menu screen to show the visited state with the check mark once the variable has changed to complete. What I am seeing is that when I click on the button to go to a particular scene, it is showing the visited state before I even leave the menu page and is continuing to show it even if I don't get to that last slide in the scene. What am I doing wrong here?

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Michelle Susar

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Imade mine look exactly like yours and it is still showing the check mark when Ihave been into the scene, but not completed it.

Phil Mayor

OK, see the file I have attached part of it shows what you are trying to do.

There are four basic steps, add a custom visited state to your menu items, create a T/F variable for each menu item (ensure they are initailally false) , for the slide at the end of each section add a trigger to change the appropriate T/F to True (ensure this is beofre the jump to triigger), on your menu slide set triggers for each of the menu items, the trigger is when timeline start change state of YourButton to completed on condtion menuitem=True

If you are leaving the slide you cannot use when variable changed because the variable do not actually change on that slide, which is why I use the timeline start trigger.

It can all be seen in the demo, hope it helps

here is a screenr that explains it as well


Bruce Graham

Michelle Susar said:

Oh my goodness gracious! I think I got it fixed - it was the order of the triggers on the slides with the variables. I needed to move the variable to the top so it fired first, before the navigation trigger.

Yep! That's it.

You need to tell it to "do" something before "moving" somewhere, or it just moves and ignores what comes later.

Phil taught me that too!



Shelley McKay

Hi there

I am having a similar problem, only my buttons do not have variables. The buttons merely have a visited state to show that the user has visited the content connected that button.

However, you will notice that the first three buttons and visited state works fine. However on the4th and 5th buttons, there is a delay, so the visited state becomes visible before the user has actually left the page. The red button actually has the spinner show up briefly as well.

I really don't know how to solve this.

Can anyone help please?

Slides attached.

Many thanks,


Nicole Legault

Hi Shelley, 

Phil is correct, the best way to resolve this is to use variables. I actually answered pretty much the same question for another forum user yesterday, and created a simple file with the variables and triggers needed to pull this off, so you can check it out here: Trigger Before State Change. Hope this helps =) Let us know if you have any additional questions.