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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dorren,

Thanks for sharing your file here. Are you looking to see the check mark from layer A to also be visible on layer b and so on? If so, you'd need to be seeing the other layers or seeing the base layer and have the changes occur on the object on the base layer. You could set it up within the slide layer properties to have it be unselected to "hide other slide layers" and then if a user opens a layer, and then clicks on another layer, they'll see both - but keep in mind since you have the same object duplicated on each layer it'll cover other elements below it. 

So that's a long winded explanation but perhaps you may want to look at using these items off a base layer and adjusting the state of the checkbox there. 

Walt Hamilton


On layerA, I added a button with triggers to hide set the variable and hide the layer. That seems to do the trick. the problem is that the check mark on layerA button doesn't show up until the user clicks it again. Is that what you want? If it isn't, I added a trigger to change the state to completed when the variable changes.

FWIW, having state names that are the same as variable names is not considered best practice, it can confuse you (well, it did me; I had a hard time following which CompletedA I was dealing with.)

Doreen Lynch

Thanks everyone. Not quite where I am going. I would like the user to click on a layer, complete the video on the layer. The same for all 3 layers. Anytime they go to any of the layers as long as they have completed it there should be a check mark. So e.g if I complete layer A but I am on layer B I should see a check mark on the color that represents layer A even though I am on layer B. I don't want an additional step of clicking on the button to make the change to completed state happen

Walt Hamilton

Set the trigger to change the variable when media ends.

Either delete the color shape on the layer and let the one from the base show through, or

copy the states and triggers from the base to the layer.

In the attached file, I left the done button on the layer because I don't have the video.

Slide 1.1 illustrates the solution with the shape deleted from the layer.

Slide 1.2 illustrates the solution with the shape on the layer.