Visited trigger overridden

I use the triggers Visited, drop correct and dropp incorrect. In the attached example I have a exercise that only has a correct drop area and not an incorrect drop area.

I have three layers: Gör om with a blue square. This layer should be shown if the user try to click the Rätta (=Submit button) without making any choices at all.

If all candles are dropped correctly the layer Rätt is shown.

If on or up to 3 (out of 4) candles are dropped correctly the layer Fel should be shown, telling the student that the exercise was not done 100% correctly.

The Gör om layer is shown as long as I disable (or rather delete) the Fel layer. But as soon as I add it back in, t overrides the Gör om layer. So if the user does NOTHING and hits the Rätta button; the layer Fel is shown.

Can anyone help me. Where is my logic playing tricks with me?



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