Visual bug in triggers stack

May 08, 2019


after newest update I'm getting this visual bug. Please fix this ASAP

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Jacek Winckiewicz

Hi Ren, 

Thanks, Yes, this helps, also changing size of SL window. But still, that's not solution, working with triggers is almost impossibls now, it takes too much time to play with window size after each trigger edit. 

Tomorrow I will try roll back to previous version and see if that's help. In topic you linked I see its older issue but for me it start to happened with latest update (6 march 2nd)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

It seems to only be impacting a subset of users, prior to update 27.  Our team also isn't able to replicate consistently so it would be incredibly helpful if you can take a Peek of the problem and/or share a copy of your .story file where it occurs regularly. 

You can share it publicly here, or send it to our Support Team privately.

We'll delete it when done troubleshooting. 

Peter Moore

Hi Ashley.  I havn’t actually updated SL to this most recently released version.  I wanted to check on whether this  problem is widespread before going ahead with the update. It would be a show stopper I would imagine for those who experience it.  You advise that its impacting a subset of users.  I will hold off updating for a while longer and see what else surfaces here in the forum over the next couple of weeks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jacek,

Even on multiple files, the times our team saw it prior to this update, it was only on specific individual files. So it truly would help if you're able to share anything! 

Michael, our team has also tested the multiple monitor's theory after seeing that shared earlier, and we're still unable to reproduce it. 


If anyone has a .story file, screen recording of steps or similar that they're able to share - please send along here or to our Support Team! We're standing by to help. 

Jeff Forrer

Ok, thanks Ashley, I can try that.  I have a very high end machine with graphics card and three monitors running, I saw mentions of possible multiple monitors maybe being the culprit.  I also have been looking for a pattern, I have a background in QA and just not seeing a consistent pattern on when this happens, it just seems to popup from time to time.  I will update again after updating graphics card.  Thanks for your reply.

Jeff Forrer

Good day, update as promised.

I updated all video and graphics NVIDIA drivers, I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M card running Win 7 64-bit with 32 mb ram and two external monitors.  Still getting the error, see attached. 

I also get when this happens and I redock or resize triggers panel to reset, that all of the trigger buttons on the top of the Triggers panel are inactive, I have to restart SL as they turn grey and I can't use them.

I can share a Peek video of the error if you want to send me a link as it is a NDA course.  Thanks.

Peter Moore

Hi - I have a recent experience to share on this problem.

I have not updated SL360 to the latest build that was released on May 6.  I am on the previous build (3.26.18364.0) on a Win 10 system,  but experienced this collapsing of line spacing and overlapping lines in the triggers panel for the first time ever, 2 days ago.  Here's a few observations and actions:

  1. The problem was first noticed 2 days ago - had been using SL 360 for a couple of hours prior to this.  I was on a slide layer that had approx 3 triggers on it.  I had just previewed the slide (preview > this slide) and on closing the preview screen and returning to the layer, saw that the trigger text in the triggers panel had collapsing line spacing. Similar to the screenshots on a number of other threads on this topic.
  2. Re-sizing the trigger panel caused the trigger text to re-format and display correctly but this had to be repeated every time an edit was made.
  3. Navigating back to the base layer - the trigger panel text there, also became corrupted and distorted.  Similar what many others have reported on this forum.
  4. My system had received updates from Microsoft the day before this problem occurred.  I notice that this had been mentioned by others as potentially causal with mention being made of video system updates... but also note that some others had seen this problem since March. 
  5. The video driver in my system was last updated late 2018.  It's an nVidia card so I obtained the latest driver from the nVidia site and installed.
  6. So far, since doing that.  All is well.  No trigger text distortion. (fingers are crossed)
  7. I have yet to update SL to the May 6 version and will hold off doing this for a few more weeks until the current project is finished... hopefully allowing enough time for further insights or actions from Articulate, if that turns out to be a requirement.

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