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Hi there feller Articulators,  I have downloaded the Business Circles template from the downloads section because I like the ticks that Tom had put into the template, giving a visual representation to the user of their progress through the module. I have spent hours reading the help files and viewing videos etc... Got most things worked out, just struggling to work out how I can replicate the same visual representation onto the main menu to identify to the user their progress through the individual chapters. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Happy to report that in my humble opinion that Storyline is great and thoroughly worth waiting for!  I have nearly finished my 1st module in a lot less time than I would have done in the old no storyline days!


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Russell Still

Grettings, Chat. I didn't look at the source, but this is pretty easily done using states. Normal state is the empty circle, and visited state is the checked circle. You might want to rummage through I believe that Nancy Woinoski has a good article (with embedded examples) of state usage in there.

Actually, I just checked. There are four articles about states on that site.

Phil Mayor

I would echo the use of states, but I would use T/F variables attached to a completed state.  This is because the visited state will fire as soon as you press the button.  You are looking at measuring progress so would want change the variable from F to T when the section/chapter is complete.

I have a demo somewhere if you need it


Chat54 .

Hmm I thought I had solved the issue, got a bit carried away anyway I think I am missing something, made ace progress but still can not get the layer on my first screen to show using variables, I know the variable is communciating as I have the true/false text on the screen as well. I have attached a storyline file of my little example, as ever any help much appreciated, I am obviousley missing something but just do not know what?


Phil Mayor

I have looked at this, I have changed a couple of things, instead of using layers I have added a completed state to your ovals.  I have then added slide level triggers to the base layer to change the state based on the variable value.

The main reason your demo did not work is that you have the trigger to show the layer on the layer and this needs to be on the base layer.

Also you have a trigger that says when the variable changes, the variable does not change on this slide so this would never fire

Hope this makes sense


Bruce Graham

Phil helped me out with this concept recently (thanks buddy!)

I find/found it a little confusing that I had to use a custom "Completed" state for the "Image + Tick", but it works beautifully as a technique.

I'd previously just been using the "Visited" state, but the ticks showed before the jump to the section.

Chat54 .

Phil thankyou so much for taking the time to look at my example and advise me, I now understand it and guess that this ios the first of many mini adventures to be had with Storyline! Anyway very kind and I also note Bruce's comments which is exactly the process I had been taking!  Anyway many thanks!