Voice over or screen capture first?

Jan 11, 2016

I'm doing a basic excel toolkit video and this video needs to have a voice over. My question is - do I record the screen capturing first or do I record the voice over first - to get them to match up perfectly... anyone have a any ideas?


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C. L. Norman

Typically, voiceovers (or orchestral scoring, for that matter) are done after the video component is completed.  This allows for speeding up or slowing down in response to the video.  My personal recommendation would be to record the screen capturing first.  Then record the voiceover separately while watching the screen capture.  That will allow you to keep your focus on Excel while recording the screen capture.  And it will give you a chance to practice your voiceover timing against the video and rerecord as necessary.

If you can capture audio while recording, you might also consider a "scratch track".  While recording the screen capture, you can do a rough voiceover for reference.  Then you can go back and rerecord the voiceover, using the "scratch track" as a guide.  When you have the voiceover the way you like it, delete or mute the audio in the capture and add your clean voiceover to it.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

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