Voice over with male and female voices

Hello the heros,

I am still a newbie with storyline and I am trying to do a voice-over for one of my courses. I would like to have both a male and female voice over. I already know how to do it for one but was wondering if anyone can help in explaining both? How users can choose? and which one is played automatically when the timeline starts?

Any explanation will help.

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Doug Mattson

Assuming once the learner makes the choice, that they will then hear that specific voice for the rest of the course(?) If so, you would setup two scenes. Just copy all of the slides from scene to the other and simply swap out the audio. So, essentially you have two identical scenes, one with a male voice and one with a female voice. Then you could just have a menu page where the learner makes the choice and that choice navigates them to one of the two scenes.

Doug Mattson

My apologies...if you need to update content then you'll be updating in two places. There's a better way. You can setup two variables. One variable for the male voice and one variable for the female voice. When a choice is made (e.g, choosing a character), the variable will update to true. A trigger on each slide (e.g, play media 'MaleVoiceAudio' when timeline starts if 'MaleVoiceVariable' is true). Or conversely, play media 'FemaleVoiceAudio' when timeline starts if 'FemaleVoiceVariable' is true.

Balen Jalal

Thanks Doug Mattson,

That really seems helpful. Would you be able to provide me with few steps on how to create that variable for the sound icon? Since I am a newbie with Storyline, this is a little hard for me. When inserted the audio, the little sound (speaker) icon was automatically created at the bottom and I don't know how to add a second sound icon. So, if you can just provide me with few steps to start with, it would really helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Doug Mattson

Hi Balen,

I finally was able to do that recording. The recording covers how to setup the variables and triggers in order to play one of the two audio tracks but doesn't cover how to setup two audio tracks. Here is a link on how to setup the audio tracks: https://community.articulate.com/series/74/articles/articulate-storyline-360-user-guide-how-to-add-audio

Here is link on how to setup the variables and triggers: https://www.screencast.com/t/nd95dJQi9qnK