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Zsolt Olah

So, for those who were asking about the voice recognition experiment... A lot of things have changed since I created this more than a year ago. Technology that was available in Chrome only at that time is now better. Unfortunately, I don't have the source Storyline file. I do have the voice recognition webobject that communicates with Storyline. In order to change that to your needs, you would have to do it in Scirra's Construct 2 game engine. I'll create a sample Storyline to show how it receives a word you say in the mic.   

cindy andruss

For customer service training at contact centers.  The "machine" would play the role of customer and the CSR would play him/herself.  Whenver CSR says "key message" or point, a trigger grants CSR a score.  The CSR would need to collect "10" points to successfully pass the course.  The machine would also play the role of "coach."  So, essentially, the machine automates the role of coach, or feedback provider.