voice recognition in storyline


I browsed some other pages but I could not find one that would help me have my users say a sentence and see it in writing on the course to check their pronunciation. Besides, I want the to answer particular fill in the blanks questions by saying the word rather than typing it. There was one thread with just what I wanted but it had so much to do with computer coding and programming knowledge which I am not familiar with unfortunately. Is there a straightforward solution that only requires sl360 knowledge and not further computer knowledge?

thanks :)

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Crystal Horn

Hello there, Iman.  :)

Voice recognition is a really cool idea, and like you've seen, one that our community members have discussed!  Here, for example, Zsolt shares his course which uses a web object to insert a voice recognition component into his course.  Rutwin shared his idea here, as well.

Voice recognition isn't a native part of the Storyline 360 feature set, but we would love to hear your voice in a feature request!