Voiceover and animation

I am having a design issue with our corporate courses. I have created most of our courses to be with voiceover whereas the speaker "explains" what is on the slide and animations (elements on slide) are timed with the voice.

However, some of our learners do not have access to headphones and turn the audio off so as not to disturb their co-workers. The problem is when they watch the course slides; they do not know that more information is going to come on the slide (animation) as the speaker explains the material and they go on to the next slide. 

How would you suggest we handle this? Creating two separate courses is not an option and moving all the content to within seconds of the beginning of the slide timeline is fine if the audio is off but sounds really "untimely" and even unprofessional when the learner is listening to the speaker. 

Would you recommend a 'fork" in the course presenting two options? One with audio and one without? If so, can you suggest some examples?

Restricted navigation is not an option either.

I am hoping for ideas from this community of smart people.



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