Volume Control and Inserted Flash file

Jan 16, 2014

Hello everyone,

My customer has found yet another quirk with my module that I had not seen before. I will upload a copy of the slide here.

This is an introductory slide that shows users how the Player navigation works. About 1s into the slide, a Sound Check button is revealed. Clicking on the Sound Check button opens a Slide Layer," Volume", that contains a Flash file of our test sound, "Sound Check Loop.swf".

The customer requested that when the Sound Check button is clicked, the audio will loop, indefinitely, until the user clicks "Check Complete". To accomplish this, I created the looping SWF with the audio, instead of inserting the audio directly onto the timeline.

Unfortunately, this seems to have disconnected the sound from the Player Volume Control, and the control does not work for the sound check. I discovered, after testing other Flash files, that the volume control does not work for any Flash file that is inserted as a "Flash" instead of "Movie".

Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Should I submit a support request? Would there be any alternatives that could create the same functionality the customer is looking for?



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