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I am having trouble with the volume in the video editor of Stoyline.

My course has a few videos that are in .mov format and the volume is good in the recorded video. I just want to increase the volume and so the end users can adjust it a their end.

However when I click edit video and go to Volume - I increase the volume up to 200% and then I click Ok and then save close.

The progress bar tells me it is saving and updating my video, but when I go to check the volume a second time, no change has been saved....

I am confused - can anyone help me?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Amy!

I tested a video in a Storyline file and the volume did increase and decrease as it is supposed to . Here is some information on changing the settings.

Low: Lowers the volume to 50% of the original.
Medium: Sets the volume at 100%, meaning there is no change to the original volume. This is the default option.
High: Raises the volume to 150% of the original.

You could share the file here if you would like us to take a look.