Variables and triggers

I have a slide that requires the learner to choose one or more statements.  For every statement he/she randomly selects, a pie graph slice must be shaded in.  So, if only one statement is selected, 25% will be shaded.  If two statements are selected, 50% will be shaded, etc.  I have attached a screenshot of the slide in question.  Can someone please assist me on where I should start and how to achieve this?  Many thanks.

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Susi B

Hi Lorraine,

first you have to create the pie chart with the states normal (empty pie), 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% (you can name these however you want).

Then you can use a counting variable (called for example "pie") to count the checked answers. So every time the user klicks on one of the boxes the variable "pie" goes +1 up. You also have to make sure it counts -1 when the user uncheck the box again.

Next there have to be triggers to change the state of your pie image to change to the state you want to show. (Like variable "pie" = 1 the state changes to 25%, "pie" = 2 it changes to 50% etc.)

If you want to reset this slide to always start from the beginning, you should use the slide property "reset to initial state" and you have to reset the counting variable back to 0 when the timeline starts.

I think that´s all you need. Hope it helps. :)