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Gerry Wasiluk

I have used VideoScribe, PowToon, and Vyond.  Vyond is far and away my personal favorite and go-to choice among them for whiteboard/explainer videos.

My only nit with Vyond is the cost since I have to get the Professional version of Vyond since I need to import fonts for clients with strict branding requirements.

Unfortunately, everything that I've done with Vyond is client confidential and cannot be shared, and, besides, I've not yet used Vyond with an interaction.

If you have a rough idea of something that you'd like to see, send me some specifics and I'll see if I can cobble something up this week as an example.

Jen Edgerton

I'm a little late to answer, but I've used Vyond with a Storyline interaction and it's very simple. I'm a new user to both platforms and had no trouble integrating Vyond clips. We previously used Animaker and the switch to Vyond has really streamlined the process. It's very easy to create and save custom characters and templates - as well as to swap out your saved characters in a ready-made template. I've not used Powtoon, so I can't provide a comparison for you. I'd recommend viewing the Vyond webinar about using it in Storyline. It covered some very useful tips - such as which Story size to use. I am not able to share my example due to confidential content, but I'd be happy to answer any specific questions for you. 

Nicole VanMersbergen

Newbie question(s) - I understand how you add the Vyond video by saying it as a file and then inserting it in Storyline. What I'm wondering is will this still work if you upload the whole video or do you have to do it video slide by video slide (saving each slide & inserting them)? I'm trying to picture how if this would work if you inserted the whole video? Does all of that make sense? TIA!