Video import issues

I've scoured the internet and not found any references to anyone having issues, but my entire development team is experiencing an issue with Storyline 360 that we aren't sure how to resolve.  Wondering if anyone has had similar experiences and/or has ideas for resolution.

We have a number of Vyond videos that need to be imported into Storyline so that we can add interactive elements on top of them.  But just importing the videos (720p export) all of which, are of very typical size for us (less than 20mb), result in a massive slow-down of Storyline.  Once a video is added, it takes a few minutes to do ANYTHING, like change tabs etc.  Plus the videos appear abnormally, they appear as  grey 'video' blocks and don't show the content like normal.  We've tried videos directly from Vyond, converted with Handbrake, and also Camtasia.  All with similar results.

In the meantime, we have exported the final frame of the video into Storyline, created all Storyline interactions, and then as the very last thing, imported the videos...but this is a very backwards and time-consuming work around.  Anyone have better ideas, or a solution?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jenn!

We would never want to slow you down! Videos that are embedded or have their own interactive elements will be greyed out. In this case, everything will be displayed properly when Publishing. 

I haven't had any issues importing an mp4 video, like a Peek or Replay interaction. I'm also not familiar with Vyond but I did find this discussion that might help you out!

I hope others who use Vyond will come to lend a hand!