want audio to replay, but still save the state

I need to require an audio file to complete before moving to the next slide, which should replay when reviewing it (but not require the audio to be listened to in full for a second time). This works fine on most slides, except when I have additional requirements (like clicking on a link, or watching a video). When revisiting those slides, the audio won't replay. I don't want to reset the whole slide to unvisited, and make the used have to listen to the entire audio clip or rewatch a video - but I need the audio to start to replay - and they can click 'next' without requiring them to listen for a 2nd time. Ideas?

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Colleen V

It seems to mess up the functioning of the slide. Since I need the audio to
be required for the first time the slide is seen, having the audio start
when the timeline starts seems to make it not know or realize when it ends
- therefore I can't advance beyond the slide for the first time it comes
up. I must be doing something wrong...

So - first time slide is shown, user must let the full audio clip play, and
then click on something (some slides will be a video, some may have a
button or a link). If the user wants to go back to the slide, they
shouldn't have to be rerequired to listen to the full audio, or click on
anything again to advance. This is why I don't want to reset the slide. But
telling the media to start when the timeline starts seems to affect my
variable of "audio