Want Captivate SWF to function in SL the way it did in Presenter

Hi, all -

I did some searching of other posts to see if I could figure this out, but no luck.  Hoping someone has the answer, as my colleague and I haven't been able to figure it out!

We have a simulation that was created in Captivate and published as a SWF.  We want to insert it into a SL course.  It has interaction, so we don't want to insert it as a video.  Here's how we want it to function:

-   The user reaches that page, and the SWF starts.

-   The user interacts with the SWF, clicking things as needed. 

-   To play/pause, the user uses SL controls, not Captivate controls - the SWF is published without the playbar.

-   The user is trapped on that SL slide until the SWF ends (Next in player is disabled).

I did something just like this in Presenter a while back - it took a little trial and error, but in the end it worked great.  But we cannot make it work in SL.  Any ideas???


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sheila,

First, just let me say that I have no experience working directly with Captivate, or the SWF files. However, I did want to make a little suggestion that will hopefully help you out with retaining the interaction with the video. I'm not sure if you've tried this already, or if you've even considered it, but it may just work for you.

How about creating either a Try Mode or Test Mode screen recording of the Captivate SWF? This way, your users can still interact with the content. You could use conditions and/or triggers and maybe even some variables to control the functionality of the "Next" button. Or, you could even put a custom button for progression that will show up when the interaction is complete.

Again, I know this isn't exactly what you're wanting to do, but I wanted to share the suggestion.

I'd like to see how you end up doing this. If you find any other options, or you're able to get this working, please share.