Want drag and drop to not have 'Centre of Drop' as target

I am trying to change the stage of the character to move when the learner puts the dragged item on just a small portion of the target (in this case the computer monitor). Unfortunately, the answer is only marked as correct when the dropped item is placed on the MIDDLE of the target (in this case, the woman's chest). The state includes the entire image of both the character and the monitor.

How do I change this so the dropped object can be marked as correct when it's just placed on a small portion of the drop target? The link to the live example is at http://s3.amazonaws.com/tempshare-stage.storyline.articulate.com/stp190fjeul6f141t3vnosvpgm4e4/story.html

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Danielle,

What about setting the drop target as the "picture" image  of the computer monitor - and using a trigger to adjust the state of Rhonda when the objects are dragged over that image? I adjust just one of the triggers for the first slide, but modified the drop target for the answers as appropriate. 

Does that work for you?