Want our custom Replay button to reset slide

Hi. We have a custom player with a Replay button. When the learner clicks it, we want the slide to RESET completely, and play the audio from the beginning, show all animations, and reset any states to original status.

Currently, all slides are set to Resume Saved State and we want to keep it that way.

We have a trigger on the Replay button that "Jumps to (current) slide." However, the slide is not reset like we need. I can add a trigger to have the audio play when timeline starts, but that doesn't solve how to re-start the sync'd animations and how to reset the states to normal.

Is there an JavaScript that might accomplish what we want? Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jill,

If you have the slide properties set up to "resume saved state" and have a trigger on that slide (or anywhere in the course) to return to that particular slide, it won't reset - it'll bring the user right back to where they were. It may help to review the information here on how the rewind button in the Storyline player is set up to work based on the slide's properties. You'd need to look at changing your revisiting behavior - or you may want to investigate the Javascript triggers further and that will be something I'd have to differ to the community on.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sunny, 

A custom replay button would have to include a trigger to "jump to slide" (the slide you want to replay) and the slide properties of "reset to initial state". In that scenario it should play elements again - but this will also mean if the user revisits the slide it will also start from the beginning.

Perhaps you could share a bit more about your needs and the community can weigh in with ideas?

Dayn Wilkins

Hi Alyssa

I think it would be much more flexible for developers if "Reset to Initial state" was a trigger, rather than a Slide property. Then we could reset the slide from a button (i.e. a  learner request) or another event, rather than whenever they return to the slide. At the moment we can't have one or the other, we have to have both (if that makes sense).


Anthony Konig

In an experiment today, I was able to set a trigger to jump to the current slide number. 

If "When revisiting:"  is set to "Reset to initial state", it appears to restart the slide.  

So, in a way, I think the issue is resolved and this is now how you should go about it. 

The only caveat is that I am having trouble selecting a choice from the "When revisiting:" drop-down list, and making it stick.  Just did the latest update and thought the problem was resolved, but it started to happen again.  the drop-down list is blank, but I can use up/down arrows to make different selections.  sometimes the change seems to take effect, but sometimes I leave the slide and come back to find that the choice I made in the droplist did not stick, and it is back to the previous setting.  This could be because I need to restart my computer, but I think it is more likely a bug in storyline.  

Anthony Konig

3rd addition... now I find that when I minimize Slide Properties , with the triangle button, and then bring it back, it refreshes the info for the slide I'm looking at. In my previous experiments/comments above,  the properties were not refreshing to display info for the selected slide when I changed slides in the story view.  

Anthony Konig

reboot seemed to help, possibly also the fact that I'm now working in a smaller .story file.  If I open the larger one sometime and see the issue, I might come back and update. 

So, when I commented on this thread long ago, there was no ability to jump to the current slide. Works just fine now, so maybe the product team already tackled this to their satisfaction.

Cindy Etherton

I am having a similar playback issue with the most updated version of Storyline. (I cannot upload a file for proprietary reasons but have added a screenshot of my settings.)

I have the following settings: 

  • Audio automatically plays
  • Initial state resets (on the layer)
  • All course controls are turned off except for cc.

I am finding that the audio still does not reset on that layer. Instead, it picks up from wherever it left off. In a perfect world, the participant would listen all the way through before moving to the next layer, but I am trying to be thorough. 

Thanks for the help!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for sharing a screenshot of your triggers! In regards to the audio resuming when revisiting, may I ask if you could also share a screenshot of your Slide Layer Properties: 

When in Slide View, you can locate the properties window for a layer by clicking on the layer you want to edit, then click on the gear icon on the bottom right of the page: 

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks, Cindy.

That helps create a picture of what your setup may look like since you could not share your file with us.

  1. The slide layer will continue until the audio has completed the first time, then will replay.
  2. If you wish to have the audio start fresh each time, then I would advise using a slide vs. a slide layer to set this up.

This example file attached will show you the options.