Want the play and refresh/restart button but not the seekbar.

May 21, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have a module with videos and step-by-step slides. I want the seekbar, complete with play and refresh for the videos. For the step-by-step slides I want the play and refresh button but not the seekbar as it moves through too fast for each slide and can be distracting.

Can I remove the seekbar and still have the play and refresh button - it is an option in Presenter but I Can't see it in Storyline.

Alternatively can I link the seekbar to the whole step-by-step section and not each individual slide? That would be handy!

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Jill McNair

Hi James,

I am not sure that I can answer all your questions, but I do know where to customize the player for a particular slide.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Slide Properties menu will allow you to turn the seekbar on or off for a particular slide.  Access it either by clicking the gear icon like in the picture, or in the bottom right panel in Story View.  Hope this helps!


James Brandwood

Pictures are great... if they weren't I guess we would all be out of a job.

I have followed your instructions and am just accepting for now that the play button must go if the seek bar goes (suggestions on this still welcomed and on if you can link a seek bar to the whole slide-by-slide not just individual slides). I have got around this to an extent by placing a 'replay' and 'next' button at the end of each step-by-step chapter/section, which along with the normal '[revious' button kind of gets around the seek bar problem (I don't allow next for each slide as they are interactive).

I have had a small problem where you can't multi-select slides in the slide panel and make changes to them all at once. I also tried to multi -select/change their status when a person revists the page. Would be cool if that was made possible in a future update, I have 200+ slides that I have to change individually for the revisit status.  

James Brandwood

Unfortunately they can't be sepparated - a development oversight really. 

You can make your own pause and play button but they have to appear on the slide. You can't make a rewind button.

I think not having access to the player controls is the biggest failing (and their really isn't many) of Storyline as every other eLearning product I have used, including presenter, gives you access to them. A small work around to your problem may be to use layers instead of slides. It gets tricky if you have a lot but makes the seek bar last longer. I'd suggest making a couple of layers and seeing if it will work for you as it is time consuming.

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