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Jack Calderone


The best way i know how to do this is to make it a Free-Form quetion. If you want the learner to be able to drop a draggable object anywhere go to Form View for your slide and select Drag & Drop Options under the Question window.

Instead of having to submit the interaction turn off the Submit navigation controls under your slide properties (Gear icon in your slide layer window) Just make sure the learner has a way to advance the slide after!

Sarah Dahl

OK, thanks! You can ignore the slider, I need to redo the tabs so that each stop correlates with a month. I was trying to it another way and realized it would take forever.

Basically, I want them to be able to drop the event onto the calendar month. Then, if they move to another month, I want it to be stuck on that month:). Hope that makes sense, this may be the impossible!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

so if I drop signed order onto 6th March  and they move to April you don't want signed order to be visible on the April calendar? is that what you mean? You want it to stay on 6th March and not be available again to be re-dropped on another month?

Just trying to get the process in my head

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

I don't think what you want can be achieved.  I have created a sample file that may or may not work for you - very simplified but it could have all the months (I have only have 3) on the base slide.  I then created 3 drop targets on each month that the drag items could be dropped onto.

So you can have 3 things happen in January or 1 in Jan 2 in Feb or none in Jan etc- you would increase for the number of drop items you have.

It may be far removed from what you want but I couldn't see any other way other than perhaps creating an infinite amount of drop targets for the days of the month and it removed the need for a slider or month tabs.

If the items are 'day of the month' specific then mine will definitely not suit your needs.

Hope it helps or gives you an idea of how it could work.