Want to disable Next button until media completes BUT have the ability to return to the slide and have NEXT button state set to Normal

Does that make sense? :). Functionally I want the user to be forced to view the slide until the audio completes but also be able to return to the slide and not be forced to watch the entire slide again before the Next Button state turns to Normal. I thought about using a boolean variable that is initially set to False (Change state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts if variable = false) and then set it to true when the audio completes but what happens when the user goes to the next slide? I would have to reset the variable to False and repeat the process right? I tried that but it doesn't work because when they go back to the original slide the variable has been reset back to False which controls the state of the Next button. I think that method would work if I create a unique variable for each slide but I have a LOT of slides and anyway, that seems like a really dumb way to program something. I know you can get that type of functionality using the menu but we don't want to use it. If anyone has a solution I would appreciate it.

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Joseph Ferraro

If you're willing to forgo the built-in player's Next button, and instead use a dedicated button on-slide, you could make it by leveraging initial state and the built-in visited function, along with a simple trigger that can be copy/pasted. No variables required.

SL2 Project attached for an example.