Want to purchase Storyline 360 but need an inexpensive good LMS to make it totally functional (please help a volunteer teacher)

I am a teacher who is considering purchasing this on my own $. I know the great effect e-learning can have on my students - what a great way to differentiate for my students and to give extra support to those who need it right at the point they need it. Alas - it would help me so much to have that data from their e-learning to use as formative assessment - to know where each of them are so I can follow-up in the classroom. I think it could transform lives! honestly!

Alas my school has no budget - especially for something sight unseen with unproven results. I'd have to pay for it. I am not a coder - so Articulate is such a gift to me. My question is - what LMS do people recommend that -

1 - works reliably with Articulate 360? (can't be getting hundreds of calls from students, parents when it doesn't)

2 - doesn't need me to have special skills?

3. Allows me to track quiz results by student? And would love to have by question to see if the whole class is having a difficulty.

4. works on any device (home circumstances differ greatly)

5. doesn't cost very much - seriously this is all volunteer on my part - I am a volunteer teacher.

I'd truly love to use Articulate Online but I have 100 students in my grade alone and there is no way I can pay $300/month. I'd also love to help other teachers use elearning as well. [I think that not only will this help in my science classroom but after seeing my daughter teach early elementary - I am convinced it would be a rock star in helping kids learn to read! I am trying to build it without proprietary content so I can eventually give it away to other schools if this works (I have used Studio but never could figure out an LMS)]. Maybe after I get this up and running and we have results for a few years, I can get a grant to help but in order to start and prove results - I need a cheap, effective, compatible LMS right now.

If you have a solution - blessings to you! - from all the kids this will help!


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Jane Maduke

I test all my courses on SCORM Cloud and have never paid them. Their free account will NOT be a long-term solution for you, but it might get you started with LMSs. It will at least let you test from your SL360 trial and see what results you get. Their free version is limited to five courses and a number of students (I think 10, but I can't find that number to verify). 

Most LMSs are quite expensive and there are a LOT of them out there. I wish you luck with your research (start a spreadsheet and be clear about your requirements) and I send you gratitude for volunteering! You're making the world a better place. 

Crystal Horn

Really wonderful feedback from everybody!!  My heart is kind of swelling here--Robin, you're part of the reason why we want to make education accessible for all!

Here is a recent discussion; maybe reach out (via commenting or through the Contact Me option on their profile) and see how they're making out.  And there is mention here of a potentially affordable option.

Good luck Robin!

Robin Wooten

Thank you everyone for your input. I found out that I may not just need a LMS but also a LRS to store and retrieve the tin can api data. So my head is swimming a little bit.... The goal to be able to "see" student understanding instantly and track and intervene quickly and precisely and how that could impact student success is what is driving me to continue to pursue this, but I can see this is going to take a lot of time to figure out. Especially as I only have a bare clue on this vocabulary... :) So I will let this thread know what I find out so it might be helpful to the next person but if anyone has any more insight or suggestions - I am happy to hear it! Thanks again.

Matthew Bibby

An LRS is only needed if you are using Tin Can API (which is also called xAPI, just to confuse things even more!).

Assuming you are looking into LearnDash, you might want to have a chat with the good people at Uncanny Owl. They have LRS plugin for Wordpress that is relatively cheap and they would be able to help you understand what is involved in setting up a LearnDash instance.

Also, the Moodle option that Michael mentioned above would be free, although it may involve a bit of (technical) work to get it set up properly.