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I have 2 slides, slide 2 appears a warning layer when the learner has not entered the word yet. But slide 1 does not show warnings layer even though I used text entry and the new variable. I do not repeat the text entry and variable of slide 1 in any other slide but the warning layer still does not appear.
I don't know where my problem is. Can someone help me?

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Phương Anh

Thanks a lot. I did it.

I have 2 issues I want to ask, can you help me?

1. How to remove the default warning layer "Invalid Answer" so I can use the generated alert layer at the bottom.

Inalid answer
2. Why did my left text scroll disappear while I didn't hide it?

text scroll

This is my attachment.

David Schwartz

Your first question is one I should leave to Articulate staff, but I believe that that invalid answer pop-up is not able to be avoided when you are using built-in forms like on your slide.

The other one is more straightforward. Within the scrolling panel, the text box has an exit animation that is causing to fade at the end of the timeline.