Warning message for restricted navigation?

I need to restrict navigation in a Storyline course, i.e., let learners use the menu to review previously viewed slides, but not jump ahead. I just did a test and noticed there was NO warning message if I tried to click ahead. Restricted Presenter courses automatically display a "Back only" message in these situations. I don't see any such message in the Storyline Player's Text Labels, either...

Does this mean Articulate decided against providing user feedback in Storyline? Or am I missing a setting somewhere?

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Deb Munitz

I just added a feature request for Presenter. Forgot to include the forum URL from the other article on this. It would be nice if product managers had a running list of feature request that forum users could use in the articles to comment on existing product requests. Or a way of voting on existing features requests. So if there was an existing request that 10 people wanted it might get lower priority than one that 500 users wanted.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deb,

Thanks for sending along the feature request. I know our product team keeps a list and track of number of requests, but it's not currently a list visible to users. That is something that our team has also discussed based on user feedback, so we'll keep folks posted if there is a change in showcasing those feature requests and allowing for user to vote them up or similar.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

It hasn't been implemented as a feature, but it's something that you could look at adding to a slide based on a user action (with the exception of clicking on the next button itself - since it's disabled while in restricted/locked navigation triggers associated with it won't be executed). 

You can also share your thoughts and ideas in the form of a feature request here as well.