Waterfall menu and losing precise animation timings

I'm aware that Storyline currently can't handle really precise animation timings, but I am after some help as to what a possible workaround might be.

I've created a drop-down menu that I describe as a "waterfall menu". I've included a sample Storyline file in this posting, but because timings are often lost, I'm also attaching a video for those that want to see the effect.

In terms of the timing between each Button that drops down (they all drop at the same time, but just take longer to get to where they need to be) here's what they are at the moment...

Button 01 = 0.25
Button 02 = 0.30
Button 03 = 0.40
Button 04 = 0.55
Button 05 = 0.75
Button 06 = 1.00
Button 07 = 1.30
Button 08 = 1.65

Now whilst it looks like it's all working, what I am finding is that on random occasions, when I continue work on the Storyline file, the animations reset themselves to have the same value for animation time. Basically, all the precise settings are lost.

I get that this is a shortcoming of Storyline....but I am trying to find some clever way to basically embed the animation timings into the file, without losing them.

Maybe it's a piece of really clever JavaScript or something...I don't know. I'm hoping someone else might be able to help with this frustration as currently I find myself *repeatedly* re-entering in the values that you see above for animation timings each time they reset.

Thanks in advance,


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