Way to import questions & answers from Excel file into Storyline 360 question bank for freeform question types?

Jul 29, 2020

We use Storyline 360. We're building a set of flashcards that pull randomly from the question bank and have a flipping action to go from the card's front to its back. It's based on a template that was posted to the forums, using a freeform slide type (drag and drop). The cards don't need to be scored; the only reasons we're doing it as a question slide is to be able to randomly pull from the question bank and because the template takes advantage of drag and drop functionality for the flipping action.

We have a lot of content for the front and back of the cards, stored in an Excel spreadsheet. I was hoping to import that content into the Storyline file's question bank but I do not see a question type code for "Freeform question" or "Drag and drop question". So, then I thought maybe I could import the content in as one of the allowed question types and then just change the slides' question type once they were in the question bank, but it doesn't seem like you can switch the question type.

I'm hoping someone may have a suggestion, as manually entering the content into the flashcards will be onerous to set up and maintain. Thanks!

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