Ways to complete a course designed in Storyline

Aug 16, 2017

Hello everyone,

We recently needed to make sure certain staff watched a video in its entirety so my colleague and I added the video in a storyline file and made the slider read-only. We were only able to find options for the SCORM export to mark complete after a number of slides were viewed or certain test results were achieved. We would really like to have just the single slide that would mark the course complete if the user was in the course for a given number of minutes/seconds.

Is there any way to do this?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Todd,

On the video slide itself, I'd recommend trying this method with a couple of modifications:

  1. Definitely do the "make this look even less like a quiz question by moving the button off screen and using triggers to automatically select and submit that Pick One question" option as suggested by Mike.
  2. The trigger to "automatically select and submit that Pick One question" should be a ​When Timeline reaches trigger.

Also, a Results Slide is key if you want to send completion data to your LMS. Like Brian mentioned, you can use a blank results slide and disguise it as a course completion slide. For example, add a message like, "You have now completed this course. Please click the button to exit." 

Good luck with your project!
Todd Fogle

Thank you Brian and Alyssa for your feedback. 

Our temporary solution this year was to have a button appear after the timeline reached a certain point and that button would take them to the end slide to complete the course. This worked for some but I suspect others may have been listening with the window in the background and did not see the button appear!

We look forward to giving this a try in the future if we experience this scenario again.