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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Helena,

Sorry for my confusion - but I thought you were looking for support for Android devices? If so, you'd need to have included HTML5 or the option for the mobile player on Android. IE11 (and definitely 7 and 8) are not supported for HTML5 output. You can see that in the documentation that Michael shared, and I also like to reference sites such as HTML5test.com which compares different browsers and how they'll handle HTML5 output. 

Helena Smith

Thank you. i think i was one the that was confused.  The users are viewing the training from Tablets and I was mixing up whether to remove the HTML5 output or to keep it. 


Here is a summary of the issues we experienced during our in field testing on the tablets and the technical specs of the devices we are using.

Technical Specs:

Tablets:  HP Elitepad 1000 G2

Windows OS version: 8.1

Internet Explorer Version: IE 11


The issues we saw today:

Many of the buttons within the content windows were unable to be pressed in both Desktop mode and Immersive mode of IE11.

Some of the buttons needed to be touched in very small portion of the button to work in both Desktop mode and Immersive mode of IE11.

Any drag and drop portions were extremely challenging to complete as the only some of the buttons were able to be moved in both Desktop mode and Immersive mode of IE11.

The text areas were difficult to actually get the cursor to show up in either Desktop Mode or Immersive mode of IE 11.