WBOs in Storyline (Intranet vs. Internet)

Hello Articulate friends -

I have a course that I would like to have a WBO on a slide that is a pdf that's accessible from our Intranet site.

I've tested out WBOs with IntErnet sites and they work just fine when I access the course from our LMS; however, now that I'm using an IntrAnet site, when the page loads in LMS, it gives a message that says "Only secure content is displayed." When I click the button to Show All Content it kicks me out of the course.

UPDATE: When I have the WBO display in a new browser window it works just fine. It's only when it's set to display in slide that it doesn't work. However, it doesn't serve the purpose I want it to if it doesn't display within the slide.

Any ideas what may be causing this? I'm nearly positive that I got one of these pages to work when we originally tried the Storyline demo out, so I'm not sure what I'm going differently. I realize that this may be an issue either on the LMS side or with our Intranet, but thought I'd start here.

Any ideas or input would be much appreciated!



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