WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance Not Possible?

Oct 16, 2019

As I've posted in previous threads, we are trying to create WCAG 2.0 AA compliant content for a client and keep running into issues with Storyline.

I'm both confused and a little irritated that Storyline states in multiple places on the site and in their documentation that compliant AA content is possible, yet I'm running into issues that point to this being untrue.

Some example issues:

- According to 1.4.4 (a AA standard), text must be able to be resized up to 200% without loss of content or functionality (and without assistive technology). An auditor we are working with confirmed this means the resizing needs to be relative. Storyline states that this standard is met by zooming on one's browser, but this does not zoom in with RELATIVE resizing and therefore is not actually compliant.

- According to 2.4.3 (an A standard), one needs to be able to move through the page sequentially and the focus order needs to retain meaning and operability. The standard for this is that users can move top to bottom, left to right. And yet, we cannot change the focus order of elements in the player. Also, when a user clicks Next, the focus does not move to indicate a change but instead stays on Next so users cannot tell they've gone forward. This means any course cannot actually be compliant.

- According to 4.1.2 (an A standard), one needs to ensure that for all user interface components (including but not limited to: form elements, links and components generated by scripts), the name and role can all be programmatically determined. They need to be set up appropriately in order to ensure assistive technology functions properly. And yet, the player/wrapper around the content has all kinds of clunky naming and ARIA-labeling that does not seem to be adjustable. This means any course cannot actually be compliant.

I'm a bit frustrated that Storyline would clearly state that AA compliant content is possible when there are so many issues that actually make that false. I've seen posts for over a year about how Storyline is "working on accessibility" and that's fine for improvements but I'm frustrated that even the supposed existing level is incorrect.

Have other people found work arounds? Am I just missing something?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ashley!

I appreciate you coming to the community with these questions. As you mentioned, our team publicly announced that something is in the works regarding accessibility. I can assure you that we are just as excited as everyone to make building accessible courses way easier! We've been working on an overhaul and currently have an early access program to get feedback on what we've created so far.

You're right, creating courses in Storyline 360 that are WCAG compliant requires extra work, and that is something our team has been diving into so that we can improve our authoring tools to cover more bases. This is the main reason we've chosen an overhaul because we understand there are gaps.

Lastly, we know that the task at hand for building accessible courses comes with a great deal of precision and expertise. We'd love to hear how we can better serve you and others who are creating courses with similar guidelines. Our team will be reaching out with more information regarding our early access program.

Lauren Graves

In the meantime while we wait to receive that info, we were wondering if you might be able to connect us to any authors that have created compliant (or, at least, at close to compliant as possible) content via Storyline (such as for government or WCAG-required projects)? We'd like to try to talk with others who have an accessibility compliance goal to see what our options are.

Ideally it'd be great if we could talk with others in the early access group once we're in but any information would be helpful.

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