Mar 13, 2018


I've gone through https://articulate.com/support/article/articulate-storyline-and-web-content-accessibility-guidelines-wcag and I have a few WCAG related questions that I don't seem to be able to figure out:

1.1.1 If an image is just decorative, do I just remove it from the Tab Order or do I need to tag it as decorative somewhere?

1.3.1 How do I tag texts as H1, H2 etc? ”Add alternate text to slide objects to provide context” – this just sounds like I’d have H1, H2 etc as alt texts rather than HTML tags for the screen reader to detect?

 2.4.1 If I build my own menu, homebutton etc on a master slide, is there anyway I can use the skip-navigation feature on that?

 2.4.5 Is there any way to add a search function to a training? 

2.4.7 How do I adjust the focus colour in Storyline? The default is yellow, but let’s say I have training that already has yellow as its main colour and the focus colour needs to differ from that?

All help will be much appreciated!


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