Web link to slide in a lesson?

Hi Storyline community,

I am creating an online lesson that will also be the help system for a new web based application.  What I would like to do is link to the my storyline swf and have a variable that will open on the slide that is contextual.  So if I was on the page to login, I could create a help link that carries a "login page" GET variable and when the lesson opens it will go right to the login slide.  Is this possible or am I pushing the limits?

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Steve Flowers

Hey, Doug - this is possible in Storyline but it's quite a bit of work and some manual hacking. If you wanted to jump to 3 or 4 places based on a fed variable, it could be reasonable. More than that and it's a heap of triggers and conditions to play traffic cop with injected value. The idea is to setup something in JavaScript to parse a URL querystring value on the page that loads your story (surgically added after publish). This would force a variable into your story (only after the story loaded, so you would need to let your custom function know when this was done) and process the value of that variable to jump to a slide based on a condition. 

Kind of painful. But certainly possible. Would really love to see this as a supported feature

Holly Harris

I am trying to do just that. I am adding a custom search option that will list out the slide titles and a snippet of the text where the search term is located. I found the slide id's and text in the 'frame.xml' file (post publish). Traversing and parsing the xml as a string variable will be no problem as it is all clear text. But it is still a mystery as to how I will link back to the particular slide... If you have any pointers please let me know. I will post the solution when it is found... Thank you Steve!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allan,

As you mentioned, it's a bit older thread so I'm not certain that they're still subscribed. You may want to message them directly using the "contact me" button to see if they're able to share an update with you as this is not something that you can do with the built in Storyline features.