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Hi there,

SL3 developper here. Clients want mobile walkthrough(tablettes). Didn't like the look and feel of AMP and the fact that people needs to download an app. Want to stay web. Want it fullscreen, scalable with no default player at all.

Is this possible? Isn't there an option to make that player transparent like in SL2. Want to create from scratch a player that will have the look and feel of my client's corporate image?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Rich,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your questions. Let's see if I can help you off in the right direction.

With Storyline 3's improved HTML5 output and responsive player, your learners should have a great viewing experience on mobile devices without the need for the Articulate Mobile Player. You can read more about publishing to mobile devices here.

As for a chromeless player, yes, you should still be able to accomplish that as well. Check out this article to get started.

Richard Lorrain

Hi Leslie,

Find attached 2 pics. I finally got rid of the Hamburger menu. 

3 problems left;

  • Can we get ride of the starting screen (img_0940.jpg). There's been something floating around on the forum to cancel this behavior. I'll find this one when time will be on my side.
  • There is still a black background(canvas) (img_0941.jpg). When in portrait mode, the black background fills most of the page even when set to transparent. The workaround here would be to change the HTML page to black...After publishing...?
  • The canvas is not centered from right/left (img_0941.jpg) a white bar sits on the right screen. I though it was a Moodle thing but when our IT fired up a Captivate project, it was centered. Another workaround in the HTML file?

The player has been set to "Display at current..." with "Scale to fit..." and another one set to "Resize to optimal..." with "Scale to fit..." . Same result.

Is there something to do in the player.js in order to apply a permanent fix for background and align?

The idea here is to save time. The more I can do by myself, in SL3, the more efficient I am. 

Thank you for your time.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rich,

Thanks for those images! 

The play button is expected at launch, based on changes Safari (and Chrome) have implemented around autoplay of content.  I've seen a few community ideas on how to remove it, but that's not something I can help with and I'm not sure of the validity of any of those methods either. 

For the white right side and the black border, do you know if your course is sitting inside an iFrame within Moodle? That could change how it's centered and scaled. An easy way to test is how does the course look on a standard web server (Amazon S3 or Tempshare are good options to test) or within another LMS environment, such as SCORM Cloud. If it looks as you'd expect in any of those environments that'll help you narrow down what changes you need to make for it to display as expected. 

Any editing of the Javascript files are well above my head, so I'll leave it to our community of experts!

Anyone available to share their Javascript knowledge with Rich? 💡