Web object animation will not proceed/ play on load

I have been contracted to convert all of a client's projects from flash into interactive javascript equivalents. Recently they have advised me on how they intend to package these projects, that being compiling them into various slideshows using articulate.

So I load the web object into a slide, I publish to 'CD' format to create a .exe file and here is where I encounter the problem - clicking story.html plays everything fine but in the browser. When the user clicks Launch_Story.exe only some of the projects load, an even then it's only partially with no interactivity. I've set up a simple test and the animations wont even advance when loaded via the .exe.

EDIT: To add to this - I believe the issue lies with compatibility with createJS functionality 

Does anyone know what the cause of this may be?

Thank you! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Josh!

Great question! MP4 videos are natively supported in Storyline 360. The following file formats get converted to MP4 in Storyline 360.

We don't currently have plans to support webm format in Storyline 360. I'll share this with my team so that we can continue tracking this request. I'll keep you updated in this discussion!

Josh Evans

Thanks for the reply Lauren - in case anyone else gets stuck and comes across this, I've worked around it for now by importing the videos as webm to a html page (using <video> tag) and then importing that as a web object to articulate. Bit of a fiddle with js needed but at least it works for what I need for now.