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Ali Goulet

Hey Dom,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I can definitely see how this could cause some headaches!

This is an issue that's on our radar for Storyline 2 and I've added your example to our report. It does appear limited to the HTML5 output.

You'll now be notified right away when we have any news to share about this bug. If you're curious, here's a little more information on how we tackle bugs

Really appreciate you reaching out here about it, and I'm sorry it's been slowing you down. 

Dara Ryder

I second this - it's causing me nightmares! Have a course featuring 60+ videos and when i updated storyline 2, made some changes and re-published, i'm experiencing same. 

My only way around this will cost me several days work and involve placing all videos on their own slides. We specifically use web objects for video because we are a disability organisation and require the accessibility that youtubes closed caption functionality provides. 

Any idea when this will be solved? My new term starts Aug 28th and I don't want to go through painful days of correcting this issue within my files if the bug will be fixed anyway!

If anybody has any better work arounds it would be appreciated.

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