Web object does not refresh after transition to new slide

On slide #1 the user enters text into one field. Using JavaScript, the contents of that field updates a Google Docs spreadsheet. This works fine. On slide #2 I want to display the contents of the Google Docs spreadsheet. I have a web object on this slide, which is a web page. The code for displaying the Google Docs spreadsheet is in this web page.

The problem I am having is that when I jump from slide #1 to #2 the web object on slide#2 does not update with the text submitted in slide #1. If I refresh the (published) Storyline-generated web page in my browser and navigate to slide #2, the new entry is there.

I've tried adding code to refresh both the Storyline-generated web page as well as the "web object" web page, but no luck. Has anyone had luck refreshing a web object?



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Wendy Farmer
James McCarthy

I've tried adding code

Hi Jim

I took this to mean you had the JS code to refresh so I was asking if you were adding a trigger in SL to execute JS - so my comment was about could you add that trigger to timeline end of Slide #1 and timeline start of Slide #2.

Sorry if I've misunderstood.

Matthew Bibby

Right... so you just visit slide #2 once?

In that case, I'm not sure. Maybe have your web object hidden by default (if you can even use states on web objects?) and show it when the learner goes to slide #2?

I suspect the issue occurs because the web object is preloading before the learner reaches that slide. 

Or have the web object on a slide at the end of the module and bring it to slide #2 via a lightbox?

(I'm just guessing here if you can't tell!)