Web object does not refresh after transition to new slide

Apr 23, 2017

On slide #1 the user enters text into one field. Using JavaScript, the contents of that field updates a Google Docs spreadsheet. This works fine. On slide #2 I want to display the contents of the Google Docs spreadsheet. I have a web object on this slide, which is a web page. The code for displaying the Google Docs spreadsheet is in this web page.

The problem I am having is that when I jump from slide #1 to #2 the web object on slide#2 does not update with the text submitted in slide #1. If I refresh the (published) Storyline-generated web page in my browser and navigate to slide #2, the new entry is there.

I've tried adding code to refresh both the Storyline-generated web page as well as the "web object" web page, but no luck. Has anyone had luck refreshing a web object?



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