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I have read so many discussions and can not figure out why my web object will not work. I feel like I have to be missing something obvious, b/c I created a very basic slide to simply test it. 

I created a slide and inserted a web object for www.eleadcrm.com. I published it and also included HTML5. When I preview the web object in Storyline 2 it works. I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud and launched the course! 

When I launch it, everything will work except my web object. It simply shows a white screen. I've tried it in Chrome and IE. I invited myself to the course and launched it on my phone with Safari. However, all I ever see is the player filled with a white screen. 

Please tell me there is something I am missing!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cristina!

Michael's mention of the re-direct made me think of the mixed security issues that some users see with web objects: secure https to course and link to http.

I utilized the re-direct link and your course seems to be working as expected now. I had to create a new one since you didn't share your .story file, but this should help :)