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Jun 26, 2012

I have just finished begun reviewing a near finished training module but the webobjects (links to the company intranet that have worked in all previous modules) crash the training when I try to scroll down the webpage.

I get this error:

I have no idea what that error message means but i do know it ain't friendly and comes up on both webobjects (both links to the intranet) To be clear the web pages show correctly and just show this message when you go to scroll.

All help welcomed since I thought I would be handing this training over to UAT tomorrow.


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James Brandwood


If I open the webobject and then click on another program for instance check my emails or fantasy footy team (totally work related of course) and then click back on the training window and then scroll or navigate down it doesn't crash!

However if I click on the other webobject and scroll after doing it crashes crashing. To avoid crashing you must go to the webobject - navigate away and come back for each webobject

Hope this helps 

James Brandwood

Unfortunately there wasn't a really clear answer to this fault, with just the suggestion that it may have been a problem with accessing the intranet via a published CD EXE file. However I am able to successfully do this about 8 times so far in other modules... actually I am able to access one of the pages that recieves the error message in a different training module without any problems.

I guess I will revisit this problem if it occurs again as some sort of correlation may occur if it happens more than once.

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