Web object, image order

Aug 02, 2012



One of my slides contains a youtube video which I introduced as a Web Object.

I placed it behind an image of a television.

OK in design mode, but when published, the Web Object appears in front of the television image...

How can I solve that?


What is the best way to display a youtube video with subtitles (if available of course)?

And get rid of the youtube advertisements?

And sometimes start a few seconds later than the original.

Thank you for helping me out on this one!


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Peter Anderson

Hey Serge!

For your first issue, I'd actually like to be able to take a look at that, if that's ok. Sounds unexpected. Would you mind sending us the .story file? 

And this article will help explain and tell you how to enable the various options of a YouTube video.

Hope that helps, and thanks for the post!