Web Object interfering withlook of module

Apr 04, 2017

Has anyone had the problem in Storyline 2 where an inserted web object has interfered with how the module presents when published.  I have a module that when I dont include the web object everything is fine, but if I insert a web object then when I publish the opening slide animations don't work properly and the graphics are ghosty or missing parts.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Lyn!  Are you noticing that the web object is staying on top of everything else in your slide when the user is interacting with it or hovering the mouse over it?  Depending on your browser and if you're viewing Flash or HTML5 output, web objects can appear overtop of other slide elements.  Is this happening in multiple browsers?

As for the opening slide animations, does the opening slide contain any web objects?  If you can share a screenshot, or better yet, your .story file, I'm curious to see how the web object is causing such interference.  If you can't share publicly, our support engineers are brilliant at working through these sorts of challenges.

Looking forward to working with you on this one!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lyn

I've published and uploaded your file to Scormcloud and I'm not seeing a difference in the preview of first few slides and publish of first few slides - is the web object in this version? If so, which slide is it on...

I've just checked your file while I'm waiting for it to upload to Scormcloud again...I think you have conflicting triggers on the web object slide:

Textbox 2: when the user clicks you are asking for it to do two actions - the jump to action being first means the second trigger won't execute.

you will need to have either a hotspot or transparent shape for each item: checklist and here 


Crystal Horn

Hello again, Lyn.  Thanks for including those screenshots and your .story file.  I published your file for LMS and loaded it into SCORM Cloud.  Here's the link for that output.  I couldn't get beyond the "checklist" scene, but the opening slides seemed to animate in as expected.  Here's a Peek screencast of what I saw (I didn't have my audio on, but your narration played fine).

Your screenshots show the URL in the browser address bar to be a local C: drive file location.  I wonder if viewing your content locally is causing the odd ghosting effect of some of those elements.  You mentioned that you saw the same behavior in SCORM Cloud as well, though, so I want to be sure to help get this content to work on your end.

When you're viewing in SCORM Cloud, what browser are you using?  Can you share the SCORM Cloud link so that we can test out your published version on our end?  Thanks a bunch for all the helpful info!

Crystal Horn

Thanks for that distinction, Lyn.  If they are using Firefox, they'll need to be sure that they're on the latest version, and that Flash Player is enabled.  You can see more about supported browsers for viewing Storyline 2 content here.  I was able to play my SCORM link in my instance of Firefox (v. 52.0.2) on a Mac with the opening slides intact.  

If you're able to get any more details from them about their Firefox setup, we're happy to have them to rule out any bugginess on our end!

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